5 Easy habits that helped me to lose weight

Standing at more than 100 kg of body weight and the lowest level of self-confidence, I believed losing weight was all about gyms and exercises. But I was so wrong!

There’s more to weight loss than just exercises and gyms, as I found out during my weight loss journey.

Sometimes even a few small changes in your daily habits and lifestyle can help you to shed those extra pounds. Here are the 5 easy habits that helped me to lose weight:

Have breakfast every day

There’s a reason why breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. Breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism. If you skip this meal, you increase your chances of eating more during the day. As a result, you may end up consuming more calories than you intended to.

Eating a healthy and filling breakfast every day provides energy to your body, helps you stay full for long, and is effective for long-term weight management.

Never go hungry

You can’t expect to lose weight by remaining hungry. Skipping meals or going hungry is never a good idea as far as weight loss is concerned. When you are hungry, you tend to eat more than what you normally would. Having your meals on time will not only help to keep the hunger pangs at bay, this habit will also enable you to avoid binge eating. Your motivation to lose weight will also remain high as a result of this habit.

If you feel hungry between your meals, you can opt for a healthy snack. For instance, a handful of nuts or a fresh fruit can be a great choice for snacking between meals.

Eat your food slowly

Are you thinking what has the speed of eating food to do with weight loss? A lot, to be honest! Eating your food slowly is one of the easy habits to lose weight. By eating slowly, you may not burn any extra calories. But you will increase your feeling of satiety when you take time to enjoy every morsel of food in a slow and deliberate manner.

The best part is that you will refrain from overeating due to the feeling of fullness. This practice will help you to avoid piling on extra calories during the meal times.

Drink plenty of water

Yes, drinking plenty of water every day can actually help you to bring down your weight. Water can keep your body hydrated. At the same time, it can generate satiety, increase your metabolism, and help in digestion of food.

Sometimes you may misread thirst as a hunger pang and end up eating to satisfy your tummy. But if you recognize your thirst and keep your body hydrated, you won’t have to eat those extra calories that your body didn’t need in the first place. Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water daily is essential to keep you hydrated. This habit will also help you to get rid of water weight in your body.

Get sound sleep every night

Sleep deprivation can create hurdles in the way of your weight loss goals. When you wake up after a sound sleep, your mind and body feel relaxed. But that’s not all. Your body also loses weight during your sleep. Yes, that’s true!

While you are sleeping, your body uses energy to repair the cells and keep your organs running. In the process, it burns some extra calories. However, you have to make sure that you follow a healthy sleeping schedule every night. A sound sleep of at least 8 hours is essential for the purpose.

The bottom line

Remember that bringing down those piled up calories takes patience and determination. By incorporating these simple habits to lose weight in your daily life, you will be able to boost up your efforts effectively. So, get going on your way to weight loss with these easy habits.

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  1. Perfect tips Amrita 👌👌👌. Not only for loosing weight but also to keep ourselves healthy. Ultimately health is wealth. I would definitely follow 😊😊😊

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