Hi, I’m Amrita Roy

I’m still on my journey of self-discovery, and at thirty-something, I guess I can still indulge in discovering myself. What do you think?


A bit about me

Two years ago, I was obese and weighed over 230 pounds. I had been overweight all my life. But hitting 233 on the scale was my highest and it turned out to be the turning point of my weight loss story.

To be honest, reining in the foodie in me was no mean task. Nor was it easy to remain motivated and keep going. However, having tried earlier and having failed in my efforts, this time I wasn’t ready to give up. I went about my weight loss mission by incorporating several changes in my lifestyle, one at a time. After 13 months of consistent effort, I lost 102 pounds. It was an exhilarating feeling. For the first time in my life, I was so excited at having lost something!

My weight loss journey transformed my life in more ways than one. It taught me no matter what the situation is today, tomorrow is a new day. I began looking at things in a new perspective and that is when I decided to reach out to others who are facing the same struggle.

You can read about my weight loss story here.


Why this blog?

I started this blog to share the story of my weight loss and every lesson I learned along the way. Through this blog, I intend to show you how you can transform your body and achieve the balance of health and happiness in your life. I want you to know that if I can do it, so can you.

My weight loss journey has been no less than a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs. At the same time, it has been the most rewarding experience for me. I mean to share every bit of it through this blog – my anxieties, frustrations, motivations, inspirations, setbacks, and achievements. You can expect to read here about weight loss, maintenance, diet, lifestyle changes, and everything else that goes with leading a healthy life.

Additionally, this blog is a subjective lens on how I perceive things happening around me, how they impact me, and what conclusions I draw from them. I believe health and happiness are not elusive goals rather they are a way of life. My blog reflects my belief of living in the present and making each moment a happy one.


A peep into my world

I am from Kolkata, India. I put down roots in this busy city when I married my best friend. Together we are raising one mischievous but delightful boy who is totally in love with dinosaurs. Our world revolves around friends, food, and travel. Books are my addiction. When I am not writing or blogging or running after my young dinosaur-hunter or managing the home and the hearth, you will find me lazing around with a book and a cup of coffee for company. Amongst all this, I maintain my commitment to eat right, sleep tight, and stay healthy and bright.


Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking a moment to read about me.

I hope this blog inspires you to craft a healthy and happy life for yourself …..

…..Because everyone deserves to be happy and healthy!!   🙂 


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