10 Things Every Couple Should Do Together

A happy marriage is not about the big celebrations; it’s about the millions of tiny moments you share together to create a beautiful and unique love story. As you spend more time with your partner, your bond tends to grow stronger and deeper. But once the initial fervour of excitement gets over in your relationship, you need to find ways to keep the charm and enthusiasm alive. You need to do things together that will help to foster the bond of friendship between you both.

Here are 10 things that every couple should do together to nurture their bond of love and friendship.

Learn a new activity together

Learning a new activity together can be so much fun for a couple. It will provide a break from the grind of everyday life while enabling you both to spend some moments together.

You need to find out an activity you both are enthusiastic about. There are numerous options available for you. You both can take up painting or photography classes. You can go for underwater swimming lessons. You can join a course in dancing or learn a new sport. Whatever activity you select to learn together, you will be able to motivate each other, spend time together while practising and improve your skills in the process, which is a win-win situation for both of you.

Go on a road trip

Head out on a road trip together and make wonderful memories on the way. Make a plan but not a rigid one, so that you both get the chance to indulge your wild road trip whims.

Stop at roadside dhabas to get a taste of the local cuisine. Create and play your own road games to make the trip more interesting for both of you. Burn a CD containing both of your favourite tracks. But before you hit the accelerator for the trip, ensure that you have packed all the essential items. Pack light and don’t forget to capture the special moments of your trip in your camera.

Have dinner together

Make it a point to have your dinner together every day. Include sitting down together at the dining table for dinner an essential part of your daily routine.

Whether you order-in your dinner or make efforts to cook it yourself, enjoying a meal with your partner has its own pleasure. The dinner conversations enable you to unwind and share the happenings of the day with each other. Banish your cell phones and the TV during dinner time. It will help you both to concentrate on the food and enjoy each other’s company without being distracted by anything else.

Hug each other everyday

A hug a day can melt stress away! Yes, hug each other every single day and watch this little act infuse your relation with a new energy. A tender hug also helps to clear away doubts and misunderstandings in a magical way.

You can say it is not a thing to do per se. But this list cannot be complete without mentioning a hug. It is an expression of your emotion that effectively reaches out to your partner and makes both of you feel good instantly. So practise it every day and don’t limit yourself to just one hug a day.

Do something spontaneous

Once in a while do something spontaneous with your partner in tow. Not only does it help you both to spend quality time together, it is also a great way to let loose the child in you.

You can venture out for a day of spontaneous outing or travel out for an impromptu weekend trip. You can explore a hiking trail or spend the day doing offbeat things like flying a kite or fishing together. You both can also explore places within your city that you often pass by but never step into. The idea is to spend the day doing something that is totally unplanned or something that you don’t do often. Take the plunge and allow yourselves to go with the flow of the moment.

Get wet in the rain

One of the most romantic things that you both can do together is to get wet in the rain. Leave aside your inhibitions and step into the rain with your partner to recreate the magic of romance.

Go for a walk in the rain holding your partner’s hand or simply stand together and get soaked in the drizzle. Relive those wonderful days of childhood by making paper boats and floating them in the rain water. The bonus point will be if you can get crushed ice lolly (baraf gola) to enjoy before, during or after the rainstorm together. Nothing can beat the charm of enjoying crushed ice lolly with your partner while getting completely drenched in the rain.

Cook a meal together

Plan a nice dinner and enjoy the process of cooking it together. Cooking is a great activity that requires cooperation and communication and allows you to work side by side.

You can pick a brand new recipe or go for your favourite dishes and work as a team to prepare them. Cooking together is always fun and it is a useful skill as well. If you both want to spice things up a bit, you could set the table for a romantic candle light dinner and relish your home cooked temptations. You can also invite a couple of friends and whip up a great dinner together to surprise them.

Recreate a memorable date

Walk down your memory lane and think about a memorable date or time you enjoyed early in your relationship. Recreate that memory to relive the magic once more.

Revisit together the place where you first met or went on your first date. Return to the destinations where you spent time in the early days of your relationship. Repeat something that you both enjoyed doing then. Hold hands and talk like you did when you first started dating. Enjoy going back in time and re-experiencing some remarkable moments of your relationship.

Spend a day away from distractions

Spend a day together, away from all sorts of distractions. It is a superb way to reconnect and reach out to each other.

Put your phone in flight mode for the entire day and just focus on each other. Stay away from the distractions of daily life, TV, work, family and friends. Laze around in your home or go out together somewhere. The basic idea is to enjoy each other’s company devoid of any interruptions. Talk, listen, laugh, share and show that you care. When was the last time you spent a day together without the phone ringing or without you both checking your phones for social media notifications? For once give technology a break and offer companionship a chance.

Make a bucket list together

Sit down with your partner and make a bucket list of all the things you both want to do together. This is an excellent way to get to know each other better.

Making a bucket list together is real fun. It helps to discover the undisclosed wishes and desires of each other. You can share and discuss the things or activities that you both are enthusiastic about. You can even start making plans to check off some of the things you both have included in the list. Planning such a bucket list is definitely worth a try.

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  1. For short tempered people out there, drinking a plenty much water would suffice. Rest assured these ten tips are really handy. Thank you Amrita for mentioning these wonderfully.

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