What Does A Woman Want From Her Husband

Women are often labelled as complex beings. Many a man thinks that it is never easy to understand a woman or to please her. Yet when it comes to wives, quite a few husbands tend to believe that a wife’s happiness in marriage is dependent on self-gratifying pleasures like shopping, holidaying, getting pampered, receiving gifts and the like. There’s no denying the fact that women do love these things. But are these what a woman primarily seeks from her husband? Does a husband really know what a wife desires from her man and her relationship?

Let’s take a look at the things that every woman wants from her marriage and her husband.

Spending quality time with her man

Every woman desires to spend happy time with her husband, at least one hour a day. For a wife the small packets of everyday laughter and togetherness go a long way in cementing the bond of love. A marriage needs nurturing to keep it going strong and beautiful and women believe that spending quality time with each other is a great way to do so. It helps a woman to reach out to her man, reconnect and rejuvenate every day.

Receiving emotional support

Women know that married life is like rowing a boat in the open seas and occasionally there may be big waves and strong winds to face. As wives they seek emotional support and understanding from their husbands to stay strong during the storms and sail smoothly at other times. Women are not weak creatures who are scared of facing rough seas. All they want is the anchor of emotional support from their spouses to help them tide over any crisis calmly.

Getting respect as an equal

For a wife it is very important that there be respect for each other in the relationship. A woman invests her time, energy and emotions to make her relationship work. Often she is ready to make adjustments for the sake of her man.  As a woman and a wife she deserves to be respected and treated as an equal by her man. Just one reason is enough to respect her as an equal – because she should be, because she is.

Sharing of responsibilities

It takes two to make a marriage work. So it makes complete sense that women want their husbands to share responsibilities. A woman matches steps with her husband in the journey of life. For her, sharing is akin to caring, whether it is responsibilities or emotions. So, be it household duties or birth control measures or parenting, a woman wants her man to be her partner in the truest sense of the term and share the responsibilities in all walks of married life.

Freedom to be herself

A woman is an individual first and then a wife or a mother. She has her own dreams and desires. Marriage for her means sharing life with her man and not the end of her dreams. She wants her man to be her partner in the journey of life but not control her or restrict her the freedom to be herself. She does not want him to feel intimidated by her sense of individuality. Rather, she seeks a teammate who is capable of understanding and complementing her.

Appreciation for her efforts

Women manage a lot on a day to day basis. Whether she is a homemaker or a career oriented woman, she puts in tremendous effort to play all her roles efficiently. But often she does not get any credit for these. Being a woman she wants her man to appreciate what she does for him. Even a simple thank you or a gesture of appreciation can make her feel happy. It conveys to her that her man loves her and does not take her for granted.

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